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Hi all,
im new here so i thought id post something and say hello :) im a huge fan of irish music in general. at the moment im really into celtic rock/punk (i am considered weird by the majority of my friends here in aust. haha). id love to know  the names of some different or new irish bands. Perhaps even just some of the classics..? If anyone could help me out it would be great! ^_^
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WZRD Phoenix

Big Brother invades

Hurray! New podcast! :D

Episode 5 of WZRD is UP NOW! (http://blip.tv/file/37261)

Featuring the marvellous and talented Molly A.K.A. ROONIL WAZLIB! There's a new song from her and a new version of Don't Throw That Book At Me by the Moaning Myrtles aaaaand a song from Ginny and the Heart breakers!

Also we announce alot of newish bands!

I'ma gonna x-post this once or twice. :)

Stars and Moons,
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hello everyone!!

hi! I'm christina and i'm from dublin! I'm a newbie! :) loving the music scene here especially damien rice, the frames and future kings of spain! :) anyone know when future kings of spain are gonna start gigging again? i have a really horrible research assignment to do for college this week and i am so not in the humor for it!! anyone any motivational strategies they can flick my way?! :)x
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New here

New to the community, new to the whole Live Journal thing. Been into Irish music for a while, though I really haven't had the resources to venture out further than Chicago for much of my musical experience. Anyone who's been around there though has probably heard of The Tossers. Great Irish rock/punk/bar band. Digging the scene here though.
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B&W Tracks

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New here. My name's Adrean, I'm 20 from Tallahassee, Florida. I just recently fell in love with Bell X1 when I heard Eve, The Apple of My Eye on The O.C. and I went to their website to check out clips of their other songs. I can't find their cd at any of the record stores near me. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks and hello again. :)


I really admire the way that you decided that Rory Gallagher was so good you decided against even listing him as an interest. Real clever...
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Hey, I just found this community today on LiveJournal and I just wanted to say I love Snow Patrol and Damien Rice. I also hope to make a trek to Ireland within the next year and a half.
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just a quick question, sorry if it's a bother...

i just found a song by a band called rubyhorse that i absolutely love. its called "fell on bad days". the only problem is, i can't find the lyrics to it anywhere and it sucks :( so i was wondering if anyone out there had lyrics to it or knows where i could find some lyrics...definate and major thanks in advanced if anyone can help!

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hello. I just stumbled across this community, and I've always absolutely adored Irish music, so I thought I'd say hi. I'm from Asheville, NC, by the way. I just saw Rubyhorse live for the first time. They were opening for my all time favorite band, Jump, Little Children if anyone here has heard of them. They're not really Irish, but when they first started as a band, they played Irish folk rock, and often still play Irish folk rock. They even have a guy who plays the pennywhistle, and if nobody's heard of them, I really recommend them. but anyways, I absolutely adore Rubyhorse now, and have always liked Irish bands like U2 and the Cranberries, and absolutely anything with the pennywhistle in it.
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